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Nerd-free training videos that teach you cutting edge web design and web programming from scratch!

Check out my shiny NEW 2016 Interactive Web Developer course package - it contains everything in my classic courses, but with so much more!

I have been creating web design and developer courses since 2003, my new Interactive Web Developer course has the best videos I have ever created.

It covers the latest versions of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP7 and so much more. A special feature of this course package is that it is interative, which makes learning to code as easy as eating apple pie - and you don't put on any weight!

NOTE: I am only leaving the classic courses up for people who enjoy typewriters, and 4 day old bagels. If you prefer fresh bagels and SSD laptops, please check out my new Interactive Web Developer package. Yes, it's very affordable!

Stefan Mischook - July 2016

How to Become a Web Developer

Courses Created by Experienced Teachers

Santo Romano
10+ years experience

Santo is an award winning professor at Concordia University, who has been teaching web design for over 10 years. Santo recently won the President’s Excellence in Teaching Award for 2014... Read More

Stefan Mischook
10+ years experience

Stefan started teaching web design and programming in 2003. Coming from a family of teachers (father, brother, cousins, aunts and uncles), Stefan discovered he had a knack for teaching - go figure! Many of his students are now successful web professionals while some have gone on to become web design teachers themselves... Read more

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Courses based on Stefan Mischook's new book

Available June 22nd, 2015

Available for pre-order on Amazon:

View Our Classic Video Courses - but don't buy them!


The ultimate career building package with over 62 hours of videos to learn all you need to know to become a web developer. Includes the Complete Web Designer and Complete Web Programmer!

Course Length: 29 hours


A career building course with over 29 hours of training (nearly 200 video lessons) that easily guide you from total beginner to becoming a productive web designer.

Course Length: 29 hours


A career building course with over 33 hours of training that easily guide you from total beginner to becoming a productive web programmer using PHP and Javascript.

Course Length: 33 hours


A hands on tutorial package teaching you everything you need to know when building modern web sites for any screen size (desktop or mobile)

Course Length: 2 hours 5 minutes


This course teaches small business owners EVERYTHING they need to know to run a commercially viable website.

Course Length: 32 hours


Over 27 hours of training that easily guide you from total beginner to becoming productive using Dreamweaver and Photoshop for web design.

Course Length: 13 hours


Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to create and design a website running on the worlds most popular blogging engine, Wordpress!

Course Length: 10 hours

Web Design

The ALL NEW Beginners Web Design will teach you cutting edge web design. To the point practical training, designed to make a web designer out of you as quickly as possible!

Course Length: over 5.5 hours


Learn how to style your website from top to bottom, using any text editor.

Course Length: 3 hrs


This course will teach you how to create modern websties using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery techniques in the most practical way possible.

Course Length: 4 hours


These audio podcasts are designed to teach EVERYTHING you need to know to opening a commercially viable web design business.

Course Length: 2 hrs


Learn the new Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and everything you need to know about web design, with our brand new course that has nearly 11hrs of video training lessons!

Course Length: 11


Learn how to create fixed pixel and liquid CSS based layouts as well as styling lists and navigation for your website.

Course Length: 3 hrs


Learn the steps needed to build a website with Wordpress using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

Course Length: Over 4 hours of video in 33 tutorials!


This course teaches you the basics of not only Dreamweaver, but everything you need to know about web design

Course Length: 7 hrs in over 40 video tutorials!


By the end of the course, you will feel comfortable using Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4 to build modern websites.

Course Length: 7 hrs in over 30 video tutorials!


Learn the basics of Dreamweaver 7 and 8 (CS3) and Start building websites right away!

Course Length: over 4.5 hours of video tutorials!


This is a beginners course for the all new Adobe Photoshop CS6. These video tutorials focus on teaching Photoshop for Web Designers.

Course Length: 8 hours


Learn how to convert your Photoshop based web designs to a web page.

Course Length: 5 hours


This is a beginners course in Adobe Photoshop CS5. These video tutorials focus on teaching Photoshop for Web Designers.

Course Length: 8 hours


These beginners PHP video tutorials were created for web designers who have little to no programming experience.

Course Length: nearly 5 hours of video in 34 tutorials!


Build a PHP based shopping cart that integrates PayPal for payment processing using MVC and OOP

Course Length: Just under 6 hours of content


Take your basic PHP skills to the next level by developing practical PHP based web projects including shopping carts, CMS, and much more!

Course Length: 13 hours


Learn MySQL, SQL and PHP with SQL from the basics to advanced operations.

Course Length: About 4hrs of video training.


These video tutorials were created to teach you how to build a PHP based content management system!

Course Length: Over 8 hours of video in 47 tutorials!


This video tutorial series is designed to take your PHP skills to the next level. The title says it all - this is advanced PHP stuff!

Course Length: About 3.5 hours of video tutorials!


This course is designed to teach total beginners Javascript programming. Learn how to write usable Javascript code for everyday web development.

Course Length: 5 hrs +


See jQuery in action and learn practical, usable Javascript... not nerd centric stuff you'll rarely use!

Course Length: over 2 hours of video tutorials!


The ALL NEW Beginners Wordpress will teach you the steps needed to install, configure, and create a WordPress blog website.

Course Length: About 2 hours of video in 17 tutorials!


In this NEW video course on Wordpress, learn the skills needed to build a WordPress template from scratch.

Course Length: Over 7 hours


Learn how to build a website with Wordpress using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Course Length: Over 4 hours of video in 33 tutorials!



  • So much content...great course!!! Best I have seen on the web!

    Adam S - 06.20.2013
  • "You made it so clear, concise and made it to a point that I believe anybody who wants to create a
    website can do the same. My hats off appreciations to your well thought out instructions and the effort you have put into it."

  • Very easy step by instructions

    Martin - 02.06.2013
  • Dude love your tutorials on php...thanks for that, i don't think anyone explains stuff so well.

    Camilo - 12.17.2012
  • Thanks for the video, they are marvelous and very easy to understand . I hope we are going to have more tutorial videos and these are not the last ones.

    Keep up the good work!

    I always want to design a database driven website I might be able to do it now.

    Shela - 11.11.2012
  • This is not really a tutorial, it's more an overview of what responsive design is. Build a responsive website from start to finish without the use of bootstrap for a change. Just a plain css grid and start from there.

    David - 09.23.2013
  • Thank you! Your websites have met me in my frustrations and really helped to move me along in my desire to understand and create websites. I am very appreciative, I have become a killersites devotee.

    Marg - 12.26.2012
  • I often refer to your site as I find it one of the most useful sites for cutting the bull when it comes to web design.

    Paul - 01.02.2013
  • Very good course with alot of informations. Handling of pictures could be more substantial. Sometimes boring repetitions (fileformat, when opening a new picture or design).
    But in general very satisfactory. A follow-up would be welcome

    Scholer Robert - 04.21.2014
  • So far videos being straight forward and very easy to understand. Each lesson has being broken down so I am able to pickup more. Haven't found any problems with it yet. Should really be a 5 star.

    JJ Melody - 09.14.2014
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